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About Us

**The 1stClass philosophy**


Brooklyn and I during the GRC Centenary Celebrations in England - July 2013 -

All of our dogs are first and foremost our companions and their welfare and happiness is of paramount importance to us.  We live together a very happy life, sharing the house and traveling together. We could not live without them anymore, life would just not be the same.
Our Goldens are always ready for some action and they love to snuggle on their pillows afterwards. They always smile and they can brighten your darkest day.
We pride ourselves to say that our Goldens are chemical free; they follow a specie appropriate diet and have a very healthy lifestyle. 
We are not a commercial kennel, we breed only occasionally, a great deal of care and consideration goes into our breeding plans. We aim to breed Golden Retrievers that are sound in mind and body and therefore temperament and health are our priorities.  In our breeding program color is never a deciding factor, we strive to breed for type, and we we only have English style Golden Retriever (although we all know the breed is of Scottish descent). In our family we have all shades of gold possible, from the lightest to the warmest shades of gold. 

Our puppies are reared at home, with the rest of thefamily.
1stClass Goldens are very hard to come by and we are very selective when it comes to choose our puppies' families.

You can't just buy a 1stClass, you must deserve it.

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 Arianna Rosellini-Briscoe
Email: Ari@1stclassgoldens.com

Vicenza, Italy
Cell: 3489062621



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